Bearing with Airlines

For ages and ages, humankind had the dream of flying. It took millenia to finally get us up in the air, safe landings included. And it took us just a couple of decades to mess everything up.

The endless wisdom of Google (Germany) has the right answer. The top result for a search on Flying leads you to the Flying Pizza franchise (and their Currywurst Pizza). Serves you right, Lufthansa et al. I’m not even talking about abominations like senseless strip searches or the mandatory disposing of dangerous materials like tooth paste and half empty bottles of soda water. Or RyanAir and their creative close-enough redrawing of maps (if you could book with RyanAir a flight to Mars, you might deboard on Venus).

The senseless part starts at the very moment you book any flight on any airline website. Can you imagine any retailer charging you a checkout fee? So could anybody please explain why me doing the job of a travel agents leads to me having to pay a “ticketing surcharge”.